Vertical Awnings AND BLINDS

Markilux 620 - This small vertical blind offers ideal protection from the sun and any inquisitive neighbours! It has a tracfix system which gives it a closed appearance without any annoying gaps between the cover and guide tracks. 

pdf-icon-small.png Download the Markilux 620 brochure

Markilux 660 - Coming in multiple colours and fabrics, this small and discreet cassette is particularly slim and is hard to be seen behind the awning. These awnings have the option of also being fitted with an insect screen. 

pdf-icon-small.png Download the Markilux 660 brochure

Markilux 720/820 - This vertical cassette blind comes with guide rails, making the fixture possible without any additional brackets. This awning is very stylish and is perfect for blocking out any unwanted sun. 

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Markilux 750/850 - This vertical cassette blind comes with stainless steel guide rods instead of guide cables. It is the perfect awning when it comes to blocking out any unwanted light and also for adding shade to areas of your home. 

pdf-icon-small.png Download the Markilux 750/850 brochure

Markilux 760/860 - This awning comes with guide tracks and a tensioning system that allows excellent cover tension and an elegant, stylish and refined appearance. These awnings are available in a choice of colours and fabrics.

pdf-icon-small.png Download the Markilux 760/860 brochure

Markilux 869 - With a round cassette, this awning looks elegant and svelte. This is the vertical blind that goes to large widths and drops - perfect for any large windows you may have in your home. 

pdf-icon-small.png Download the Markilux 869 brochure