Markilux Syncra 2 Fix/Uno Fix- This sturdy and very attractively designed frame features two folding arm awnings or two pergola awnings which can be fixed together, making independent use of the two awnings. This awning features a very slender support post, allowing this free-standing system to look elegant and stylish.
Depending on the awning models that are fixed, coupled awnings are also available which offers an even bigger area to be shaded. This Markilux Syncra is available in multiple different patterns, colours and materials. Waterproof and heavily flame retardant Markilux perla are also possible but will incur a small charge. 

pdf-icon-small.png Download Markilux Syncra 2 Fix/Uno Fix Brochure

Markilux Syncra 2 Flex- This free-standing yet very stable awning had shapely aluminium posts making it the perfect design for every garden. This awning allows for optimum sun and weather protection up to 30 m². This awning features boxes at each side, which are weighted down with gravel sand on site, for extra stability. These can be individually decorated to suit your styles. This awning does not need a concrete base and can therefore be placed wherever you wish. 

Markilux Syncra Uno Flex- This Markilux awning offers a practical and stylish alternative to a wall face fixture. Depending on the model, an area up to 15m² can be shaded. This awning is also weighed down by two individually designed boxes, weighted down with gravel sand onsite. 

pdf-icon-small.png Download Markilux 2 Flex/Uno Flex Brochure