Markilux 1700/Stretch- This attractive awning has a front profile made of aluminium with an additional integrated gutter as well as inconspicuous and graceful water drainage spouts. This is one of Markilux most sturdy awning constructions and can shade very large areas in complete safety.

pdf-icon-small.png Download Markilux 1700/Stretch Brochure

Markilux 930 swing- This small and elegant awning has a bar-free construction making it look elegant and graceful with added style and atmosphere. This awning also features a wind lock mechanism, which prevents the awning from flipping over when retracted in windy conditions.

pdf-icon-small.png Download Markilux 930 Swing Brochure

Markilux 1300 basic- This robust awning offers a pitch adjustment gear mechanism with a changing angle that affords added protection. With this you can change the pitch from 4° to 54 ° or from 35° - 85° just by winding a handle! Perfect!

pdf-icon-small.png Download Markilux 1300 Basic Brochure