Frame Systems

Markilux RS-2- The RS-2 is a free-standing awning which continues to surprise with its sheer diversity of possibilities. Whether this is being used in a homely garden or commercially for outside a restaurant, it has the ability to protect and shade huge outdoor areas in multiple ways. This particular frame system is flexible and puts both design and function together as one. It protects from all weather types and comes in a variety of fabrics and colours, with optional accessories also available. 

Markilux Pavilion RS-1- This free standing awning comes situated on four very sturdy aluminium columns and has an arched 'roof', allowing itself to shade up to 500 x 500cm of area proficiently and stylishly. For this awning to be set up correctly, concrete foundations must be provides for installation purposes, making this one of the most stable of all awnings. This awning is protected against rain drainage as well as high wind stability.