Cassette awnings

Markilux MX-1- The Markilux MX-1 combines a protective roof and a stylish, contemporary awning. The cassette has an overall depth of 62cm and provides the perfect protection to windows and façades. When this awning is extended, its true beauty is revealed, with its ability to shade areas of up to 700 x 437cm, perfect for those hot summer days... 

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MX-1 Compact- Alike to the Markilux MX-1 with the same technical innovations and wonderful production, this MX-1 is only slightly different.. The canopy of the MX-1 Compact is only 38cm deep for those smaller spaces. This awning offers overall architectural effect to any home. 

Markilux 6000- This casstte awning features futuristic connection technology and the innovative bionic tendon- developed by Markilux to create a friction-free and virtually noiseless folding arms. This also allows the awning to be even more robust and durable.

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Markilux ES-1- An elegant and strong awning with particularly good cover tautness- even when only partially extended. With it's delicate appearance, the fabric roller has a diameter of 95mm and the front profile and torque bar are resistant to twist. 

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Markilux 1710/Stretch- The Markilux 1710/Stretch cassette awning not only looks great in any garden with its unique look and organically curved shapes, but it also features an extremely sturdy awning construction, making it great for shading very large areas both thoroughly and extremely safely. 

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Markilux 990- This small, practical and extremely functional awning features a U-shaped front profile, making this an elegant awning with a completely new look. With an overall height of just less than 13cm, this is the perfect awning for anywhere that has little room for installation. 

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Markilux 5010- This brand new awning design has shown itself to be both modern and exclusive. It features a clear, classically modern cassette with a beautiful awning shade, perfect for any garden in need of shading from the summer sun. 

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Markilux 3300- This fantastic awning features a robust cassette design as well as a tight seal to the wall, making this a popular awning for commercial use. It also has a double gutter- allowing water to run off and out of the way when the awning is open and closed. 

pdf-icon-small.png Download Markilux 3300 Brochure