Awning Models

Balcony & Patio
Cassette Awnings -
Cassette awnings have all-round protection. When retracted, the cover and arm mechanism rest in a closed arm.
Markilux MX-1, MX-1 Compact, Markilux 6000, Markilux ES-1, Markilux 1710/Stretch, Markilux 990, Markilux 5010, Markilux 3300
Semi-Cassette Awnings - In case of the semi-cassette awnings, cover and roller are protected by an encompassing cover board and the awnings open from the bottom.
Markilux 1500, Markilux 1600/Stretch, Markilux 1650
Open Awnings - These present cover and technology without all-round protection. They are mainly used for installations under overhanging roofs or in reveals. These can also be combined with a cover board.
Markilux 1700/Stretch, Markilux 930 Swing, Markilux 1300 Basic
Side Screens - Side screens protect from the sun, wind and prying eyes! When retracted, the screen disappears into a slim, small cassette.
Markilux 790, Marilux 790 with angled edge

Open Space Awnings
These awning systems are extremely sturdy and very stable. They are suited for modern wall constructions that are not designed for a classic folding-arm awning.
Markilux Pergola 110, Markilux Pergola 210 
Syncra -This is a post system for an awning which gives shade wherever you want it. It is a flexible solution for larger patios or for facades where a fixed installation is not possible. 
Markilux Syncra 2 Fix/Uno Fix, Markilux Syncra 2 Flex, Markilux Syncra Uno Flex
Frame SystemsThis free-standing frame system surprises many with its diversity of individual possibilities. 
Markilux RS-2, Markilux Pavillion RS-1
PlanetThis innovative awning shield is functional and unique and comes in two great designs. 

Sun Compass - Interested in seeing how much shading you would get under your awning throughout the day? By putting in the direction your garden faces, you can see how much shade an awning would provide you. Please click here


Awnings for Conservatories
Markilux 8800 - This awning is stylish and extra sturdy, with added solar and weather protection for large areas. This comes in a timeless design.
Markilux 8850 - The designer conservatory awning with indented guide tracks for bevel-edged conservatories. 
780/880 - This is a small surprise! This delicate yet strong conservatory awning is for small glass areas. 
Markilux 889 - This awning is a specialist for going underneath glass. It is a slim awning for pleasant summery hours sat under glass canopies. 
Baldachin - This awning supplies you with a cosy atmosphere. This comfortable shading is for interior rooms to keep you cool in the summer and insulated in the winter. 


Awnings for Windows
Vertical Awnings
These offer protection from heat, glare and UV - the most important tasks of window awnings. Classic vertical awnings master this with flying colours. 
Markilux 620, Markilux 660, Markilux 720/820, Markilux 750/850, Markilux 760/860, Markilux 869
Drop-arm AwningsDrop-arm awnings that open up combine solar protection as well as great views. Variably tilting arms ensure glare-free light incidence. 
Markilux 730/830
Exterior Roller BlindsExterior roller blinds are a combination of vertical and drop-arm awnings. They combine the positive characters of both types for precise solar protection. 
Markilux 740/840
Sail ShadesSometimes special solutions are required to keep the heat out. Markilux sail shades give shade where no standard installation.
Markilux 893